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What plumbing fixture, in your home, is the most important and highly used, but not regularly thought about?  If you answered the toilet, you would be correct.

When the toilet is working properly and isn’t leaking, you most likely haven’t given it a thought. For this, you can thank a plumbing contractor who did a good job.

However, when the toilet stops working properly, decisions have to be made. To Repair or Not to Repair!

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When It’s Time to Install a New Toilet

When a toilet repair will not do the trick or the toilet has passed its prime, a complete toilet replacement may be necessary. Perhaps the toilet is old, cracked, leaking or maybe you just want to update the look of your current bathroom and the old toilet just doesn’t fit with the new appearance.

Whatever the cause, if you are in North Texas, you have a plumbing company well-trained and thorough in toilet replacement and installation at your fingertips. Thorough Plumbing is ready to step in, step up, and do the job quickly and efficiently.

Toilet Installation Requirements

Replacing or installing a toilet takes a lot of work and experience. It requires:

  • Disconnecting the water source
  • Making sure all the connections are properly disconnected
  • Situating the new toilet and make sure all the pipes are connected properly
  • Replacing any flooring that may have been disturbed

Sounds easy, but where pipes are concerned, one slip can cause a chain reaction that could end up costing a lot more money than necessary.

Why Choose Thorough Plumbing for Your Toilet Installation Service?

At Thorough Plumbing, we have years of experience in the replacement and installation of toilets. Our experts can identify potential trouble easily and will work to have your toilet functioning properly in as little time as necessary. We understand that toilets are a very important part of your home and having the installation performed correctly is of the utmost importance.

Installation and Replacement of Toilets

Our experts have the unmatched experience required to remove old fixtures and replace them with new ones with as little inconvenience to you and your family as possible. Whether you need a toilet replaced or installed, contact us at Thorough Plumbing and see what we can do for you!


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